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DOL regularly publishes statistics about drivers, vehicles, and professional licenses. You can view these reports by visiting this page: http://www.dol.wa.gov/about/data.html

The Department of Revenue publishes information about tax exemptions for electric vehicles. You can learn more about this program, and see total vehicle counts, by visiting this page, and scrolling down to the section labeled "Renewable Energy/Green Incentives": https://dor.wa.gov/find-taxes-rates/tax-incentives/incentive-programs


Driver Records

If you are an attorney or representing an attorney's office, and need to request driver documents for litigation or in anticipation of litigation, please click here.

Law enforcement requests for driver records must be made in our investigative records portal: https://wadolinvestigate.nextrequest.com/

If you need an Abstract of a Driver Record, please click here.

If you need an address history from a driver's record, please click here.


Vehicle and Vessel Records

Law enforcement, justice, or government entity in need of vehicle or vessel records, please click here.


Data and Statistics

If you need to request customized data sets, please click here.



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